--Our Town (2007)--

Film of psychological terror, directed by the Korean Jung Kil-Young, being this one his debut like director.

A good mixture of sorts, such as the thriller, mystery, horror or drama.

In a school everything covered with blood and cruel hung in cross form appears the corpse of a girl.
One is already the fourth murder in a small and calm Korean city, where to all the victims they have cut the neck to them.

The plot of Our Town will turn around a detective of the police, call Jae Shin, a mysterious writer of mystery (which seems to be connected with the bloody crimes), call Kyung Joo and the employee of a store.

Making use of the narrow bond between the three men, the film becomes more attractive for the spectator because it separates from thematic the habitual one of the typical police that persecutes the assassin. In addition a strange connection among them exists that already comes from years back.

Many submerged unpredictable turns in this disquieting film.




--Exte: Hair Extensions (2007)--

Ekusute call in Japan. Tape of terror directed by Sion Sono, presented/displayed in the section Orient Express of the festival of Sitges.

Film of gallant style, something habitual in the race of the film director.

It works like protagonist Chiaki Kuriyama, actress of films like “Battle Royale”, the second part of “Azumi” or “Kill Bill”.

Agents discover hair for extensions next to the corpse of a girl with the shaved head. In the autopsy they determine that their organs were robbed, thinking that she was kidnapped in a foreign country and victim of the black market of organs.

An assassin in series who feels an exaggerated predilection by the hair of died girls, a young apprentice of hairdressing salon and a suffered corpse, conforms the trio protagonist of the film. Everything will be centered in an important chain of hairdressing salons that seems to be the axis of a dark secret.




--Hansel and Gretel (2008)--

A very personal version of the brilliant story of the brothers Grimm, Hansel and Gretel. Directed by the South Korean Yim Phil- Sung, being this one his second film. He has been awarded in the edition of the festival of Sitges of the 2005 with his tape “Antarctic Journal”.

It has not been very well received in its country of origin but in the United States and Europe.

A young Eun call, goes into in a mysterious forest, in which he ends up losing himself. A girl sees him and she offers lodging to him in her house next to her family. Next it is entered in a dream house, where they inhabit three children. The family seems to hide something very macabre.

Eun will realize of which he cannot escape of the house, where the children have lived long time without aging. One will be with books of drawings, with singular instructions that seem to speak of he himself, through which will try to escape.



--Vinyan (2008), terror in the forest--

Coproduction of France, Belgium and United Kingdom. Directed by Belgian Fabrice Du Welz. Carried out by Rufus Sewell and Julie Dreyfus. Presented/displayed in fantastic the official section of the festival of Sitges.

Vinyan has certain similarities with the forest of John Boorman and the brilliant book of Joseph Conrad “the Heart of the Darkness”.

Paul and Janet are in Bangkok, trying to bear the loss of their son, to who they lost in an impressive Tsunami. Although the corpse has really not been recovered.

Janet, during a supper will believe to recognize his lost son in a video rolled in the Burman forest. This will little cause the one that goes into next to its husband in a tenebrous and solitary forest, filled with likeable creatures, besieging to them with sinister intentions. There they will realize that will not be able to trust anybody.



--Gilles de Rais, depraved vampire--

“I liked to see run the blood, provided a great pleasure to me. Memory that from my childhood the greatest pleasures seemed to me terrible. That is to say, the Apocalypse was the unique thing that interested to me. I believed in hell before being able to believe in the sky. One gets tired and bores of the ordinary. I began killing because he was boring and I continued doing it because I liked to relieve my energies. In the battlefield the man never disobeys and the blood Earth everything soaked is like an immense altar in which everything what has life immolates interminably, until the same death of the death in himself. The death became my divinity, my sacred and absolute beauty. I have been living with the death since I realized of which it could breathe. My game par excellence is to imagine to me dead and nibbled by the worms”. Text said by Guilles de Rais in Nantes, when it had been arrested.

It was at the beginning of century XV, in 1404, when the man known with the sobrename of “blue Beard” was born. One of most beastly, monstrous the assassins, vile and cruel of the world. Always accompanied by the word vampire, due to its sickly taste by the blood, which provided a indescriptible pleasure to him, getting to bathe in blood.

He was the arm right of Joan of Arc in the fight against the English and named marshal of France by Carlos VII in Reim to the twenty-five years.

After the death of Joan one retired to his castle. There it was where he made his more atrocious crimes, using infantile blood in his bloody satanic sessions.

After squandering an enormous fortune, he reunited in his castle to famous specialists to find the secret of the filosofal stone and thus to solve his precarious economic situation.

Through Preslati one begins in the black magic, in the demonic alchemy and invocations.

He celebrated black masses, sacrificing young people of the neighborhoods. He mutilated them to represent sacrifices of eyes, heart or hands. In no on the attempts he obtained results but in the end that was what less it mattered to him. An unhealthy pleasure was taking body in his interior with each sacrifice and as it also advanced in number it made his depravation.

He used to kidnap to paupers and farmers between the seven and fourteen years of age, committing with them pure barbarisms, stranglings… Decapitations in the towers of the castle next to his pajes of confidence. They dismantled them and they opened in channel, amusing themselves with it and remaining next with its heads. They were ruthless assassins in addition to sexual patients.

The total number of victims cannot be calculated, due to the deep panic and terror that felt most of the relatives of children assassinated, towards the call, “disciple of Satan”. Esteem that the number had very to be elevated.

He was accused before the bishop of Nantes like: wizard, evil spirit, fortune teller, apostate, servant of fetiches, assassin of innocents, turned aside of the faith and his enemy, prophet and teacher wizard. As defense said the following thing: “the star under that I have been born has destined me to fulfill facts that nobody had been able to understand”.

The 26 of October of 1440 were lead next to their two faithfuls and collaborating profligates to the meadow of the Madeleine in Nantes to be hanged person and soon burned.

Their rest were buried in the church of the Carmelite ones of Nantes, at the request of their relatives. A true monster, one of the most ruthless assassins of the planet.

A torturator cynical patient of children. The personification of badly in the Earth. Which shortly before dying asked pardon the relatives of his victims, everything by the final fear to go to hell. In addition to all the saying, absolute a cowardly one.


--Joseph Vacher, "The French Ripper"--

Been born the 16 of November (1869) in Beaufort, died the 31 of December (1898) in Bourg in Bresse.

Famous in series French assassin, also known like “The French Ripper”. He mutilated the sexual organs of his victims, practiced the necrophilia and the violation. In some occasions he devoured their organs and he drank the blood of their victims, from comes his fame there to him from vampire.

One became famous by his marked face, and to wear a white hat of rabbit skin.

Joseph Vacher was son of an illiterate agriculturist, of very small was sent to a catholic school, where they had too strict regimes.

In year 1983 one falls in love with a young servant: Louise, but she did not feel attracted by him. When finally she does not accept him, he shoots four shots to her, for that reason seriously she was hurt but she was able to survive. Next Vacher would stick two shots in the head in a desperate attempt of suicide. From which always he would suffer a face paralysis in the right side of his face.

He was committed in a mental institution located in Dole, Oath. After a year the doctors affirmed that he was cured totally.

Recent studies affirm that between 1884 and 1890, he possibly assassinated five people, three when still he was an adolescent, years before going off to himself.

Released to the 25 years of age, one will spend three long years assassinating and mutilating eleven people, their victims were mainly shepherds. Normally he stabbed them in repeated occasions, he drank their blood, he bit them, he practiced violations and post while still alive mortem.

During that he was a nomadic vagabond. He survived begging or working of day laborer in the different farms who found to his step.

In 1897 he tried to violate to a woman in the field. The young person fought desperately and their shouts were able to alert to their husband and son, who directly aided it and sent to Vacher to the police.

Once arrested he alleged to have been victim of the bite of a rabid dog when still he was a boy but shortly after he changed it affirming to be an envoy of God, like Joan of Arc, to obtain that people thought and understood the true virtues of the faith.

He was judged in Ain and the condemned until death in 1898, died in the guillotine, refusing to advance, being pushed by him twigs.


--Alcatraz, ghost prison--

Famous by the multitude of information received, on its activity paranormal, not only in the prison if not that also in the environs.
Located in an island of he himself name next to the bay of San Francisco.

In it they have been as famous personages as: To the Capone, Robert Franklin “the man bird of Gannet”, Henry Young, Morton Sobell and Roy Gardner.

First it was a fort and a military prison (1934-1963). From the 63, one became a jail of great security, in which there were practically null possibilities to escabullir itself. Mainly by its frozen waters and frightful sharks. Only three prisoners obtained it: Frank Morris and the brothers Clarence and John Anglin, but the truth is that they were never found.

"The Rock" has been called, but it was well-known originally like “the Island of the Gannets” or “the Island of the Pelicans”, due to its sterile rock aspect.

Numerous mysterious information in the island have followed one another. Mainly of visitors, prisoners and employees of the service of the national park.

They say that its light, damaged in the 1906 earthquake, suddenly appears accompanied of a mysterious sound and a sparkling green light. Later it disappears.

Many protectors and foresters affirm to have listened to inexplicable closing of doors, shouts and the sensation of being observed.

In the cell 14D of the prison the visitors and employees have informed into a severe sensation of coldness. In 1940 a prisoner shouted all the night that a being with the shining eyes wanted to assassinate to him. On the following day they found him strangled.

Walden Johnston nicknamed“gold Rule” perceived, next to guests, sobs inside the walls of the prison and next a frozen breeze that surrounded them.

Visitors of the pavilions To, B and Cs confess to have listened to cry and to moan. Psychic that visited a block C affirmed to have perceived the existence of a disturbing spirit called “Butcher”. Later it was possible to be verified that in the archives there was a gangster network called “Savage Hitman”.

Al Capone spent his last years in this prison, accompanied by one sifilis without treatment. The banjo went the time touching, in the patio and the shower. A guard confessed to have heard music of banjo of a shower. Also some used visitors and perceived melody of banjo coming from the prison. Scents to smoke, moaned, cold points in diverse zones, ghosts of prisoners or military personnel… one releases list of paranormal manifestations.

At the moment it is conserved like tourist element, comprising of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.